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Twins from Immen Farm (1973)Twins from Immen Farm (1973)iMDB Rating: 3.8
Date Released : 18 December 1973
Genre : Drama, Family
Stars : Heidi Brühl, Horst Janson, Birgit Westhausen, Bettina Westhausen." />
Movie Quality : BRrip
Format : MKV
Size : 700 MB

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Review :


Part 4 of the so-called "Immenhof series" had to wait 16 years after part 3. Well, I think that at the time of part 3 (1958) no one had the slightest notion that in the 70's the German mainstream cinema would be thàt in decline and thàt desperate that the producer and the director only could think of a follow-up on 50's material. Because that what this film is: a 50's film made in the 70's.

The makers did not even bother to come up with some new ideas to the standard format: again an elderly veterinary courting the elderly lady of Immenhof. In fact there is hardly a story at all. The makers also do not bother to explain why the Immenhof is not the same house anymore.

Original cast member of the first three parts Heidi Brühl can be seen as the owner; she and the twin sisters (nice girls) make it at least bearable. (4/10)