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The Mummy's Revenge (1973)The Mummy's Revenge (1973)iMDB Rating: 5.9
Date Released : 2 February 2013
Genre : Horror
Stars : Paul Naschy, Jack Taylor, María Silva, Helga Liné. Paul Naschy's Spanish version of "The Mummy"." />
Movie Quality : HDrip
Format : MKV
Size : 700 MB

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Paul Naschy has a duel role as Amenhotep/Assad Bey, an ancient egyptian mummified Pharaoh, and the high priest who brought him back to life. In order For Amenhotep to achieve immortality, Assad Bey has to kidnap nubile young virgins in Victorian London for blood sacrifices.

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Helga Line!

I don't really want to be too harsh on this film because it did have its moments, a cast of lovelies and a London location. Also, surely anyone watching a Paul Naschy knows pretty much what to expect. Average acting, wooden sets, predictable storyline... and yet it is likable enough. Far too many short and unnecessary scenes that far from taking the story forward simply slow it down and people like Helga Line, great though she is, could have been so much more profitably employed had she been given more of the action. But then, this is a Paul Naschy film and wouldn't have that distinctive feel to it if it were any other way and he certainly has his fans.