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Mig og mafiaen (1973)Mig og mafiaen (1973)iMDB Rating: 5.7
Date Released : 14 December 1973
Genre : Comedy, Crime
Stars : Dirch Passer, Klaus Pagh, Tove Maës, Poul Bundgaard." />
Movie Quality : BRrip
Format : MKV
Size : 700 MB

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So, you've brought the... 10... million... Swedish... Crowns...?

After two con-men trick a man(played by Bundgaard, bringing his signature duality of being meek and having an explosive temper) and his shy daughter, they find themselves chased by the mafia(only they're too dim to realize it... and no, this isn't Dumb and Dumber, it's not as crude, and isn't going for that), in addition to the gangsters going after them because one of them slept with the leader's wife. And that's all just the beginning. There are a ton of plot developments(granted, not all of them are effective), and I was surprised to realize on this viewing(only the latest of many) that this is a mere 93 minutes. I didn't realize before that this was a remake(and I haven't seen the original), either. The bulk of this has Passer trying to find codes that happen to be tattooed onto girl's butts, so we get plenty of misunderstandings and other situations where he gets to be over the top and goofy(and he dresses up a dozen times or so). This pokes fun at aspects of the military and high society. There is silliness, cleverness and black comedy. It is hilarious, although at times, this is honestly quite nonsensical and half-heartedly put together. All of the night stuff is poorly lit. There are awkward moments in the performances, where your first impression of what they mean won't be accurate. The acting is good in general, however, and there are numerous famous Danish names from back then. Characters aren't bad(I personally absolutely love the two silent henchman, and the Scandinavian leader), and nicely enough established, not excessively obvious. You will need subtitles or to speak Italian and German to understand all of what is said in this... and appreciate how much is intentionally said wrong of it in this. There is a moderate amount of nudity(given the subject matter), including brief female full frontal in this. The DVD comes with a trailer for this. I recommend this to any fan of our farces and Dirch. Even if it isn't his best, he could still deliver in these last years of his career and life(R.I.P.). 7/10