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Trader Horn (1973)Trader Horn (1973)iMDB Rating: 4.4
Date Released : 1 June 1973
Genre : Adventure
Stars : Rod Taylor, Anne Heywood, Jean Sorel, Don Knight." />
Movie Quality : HDrip
Format : MKV
Size : 870 MB

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Remake of a 1931 film which should never have been made.

Trader Horn was first made in 1931. I haven't seen the original, but the critics and audiences seemed to like it, perhaps because it was one of the earliest talkies. This remake is an embarrassment, a 1970s production which feels like it was made before 1931, so simple and idiotic is its storyline. The back projection shots are pitifully obvious and make it all too clear that this production never got anywhere near Africa. There are plenty of cliches that you would associate with jungle adventures (a steamy love triangle, natural hazards, villainous colonial Germans, stampedes, quicksand, etc), but none of them count for very much since the performances are so indifferent and the script just ambles by in search of a moment of interest. I kept expecting Tarazan to leap out from behind a bush at any moment but he didn't..... he was the only thing missing from this jungle fiasco.