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The Dragon Dies Hard (1975)The Dragon Dies Hard (1975)iMDB Rating: 5.5
Date Released : 1 July 1976
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama
Stars : Bruce Le, Hui Ouyang, Fei Lung, Fang-Hsia Chang
Movie Quality : BRrip
Format : MKV
Size : 870 MB

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Stone, a martial arts teacher and avid Bruce Lee fan, is crushed when he learns of his hero's sudden death. After a night of trying to drink himself out of his depression, Stone receives a vision of Lee instructing him to investigate the circumstances of master's death. Stone soon finds that Lee was the victim of foul play, and quickly puts into action his plan for bringing the murderers to justice.

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Bruce's lawyers, we miss you

First off, this movie serves as a standard for classic Bruceploitation.

It's kind of like Hamlet with the ghost and the warning...except not very good. I love scenes where Bruce Li gets hammered to ease the pain. That's the realness of these movies! From the start, Bruce boast of his fondness (aka 'extreme obsession') over Lee and then someone runs in and informs him "Bruce Lee is dead". Watch his one pulls off facial expressions like him! His search for the truth leads Bruce to random fighting, avoiding lusty women (damn vixens!), and lots of vengeful rage. There is the great bus fight where camera decides to show a closeup of the bridge over water before the big "SPLASH!". Film school, BAH!! Nothing much gets answered and mediocre battles ensue. Oh man, it's a riot seeing Bruce plastered and hallucination scenes. How much did he drink?? Plus, the fateful flashback of Bruce's last night is so wrong, but another highlight of this one. I didn't know he wore shades while guzzling down Cuervo.

Note: This is NOT Bruce Lee. Bruce Li, my fave in the Bruceploitation genre, helps pull of a fave kampy pleasure here. Watch it for sheer delight.