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Tutti per uno... botte per tutti (1973)Tutti per uno... botte per tutti (1973)iMDB Rating: 5.6
Date Released : 28 September 1973
Genre : Western
Stars : George Eastman, Giancarlo Prete, Eduardo Fajardo, Karin Schubert
Movie Quality : BRrip
Format : MKV
Size : 700 MB

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Dart Jr. hires three untrustworthy men to help him rob a pretty female doctor who's smuggling gold for a Mexican dictator.

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Review :

good western spoof

as a spaghetti, collector for past 10 years, i am getting towards the more offbeat, madcap, in the genre, this spaghetti, or Italian 70s sex comedy has its moments.

director, Bruno Corbucci brother of Sergio,gives us a stooge western that i found very enjoyable, three Texas rangers join up and escort a clandestine female spy,Dr. Alice. Karin Schubert into war torn Mexico, the soundtrack, for most spaghetti collectors is an odd band of salsa,African steel drum, country western and 40s big band.

overall not one of the collect-able soundtracks, for collectors, it holds a dubious historical significance, in that it shows full frontal nudity, Karin Schubert,in a bath tub, others of note are Black killer, Apache woman basically not for those expecting a dollars,or dtango more of a trinity,George Eastman seems only to have a bit part which was strange as he had starred in quite a few at the time.