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Liebesjagd durch 7 Betten (1973)Liebesjagd durch 7 Betten (1973)iMDB Rating: 5.9
Date Released : 1 September 1974
Genre : Comedy
Stars : Alena Penz, Gunter Ziegler, Franziska Stömmer, Robby Murr
Movie Quality : BRrip
Format : MKV
Size : 700 MB

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Johnny has been left a hefty inheritance from his recently deceased uncle - an infamous ladies' man. But there is a unique stipulation standing in the way of its collection. The sexually inexperienced Johnny has seven days to bed the last seven women that his uncle had seduced. All of them are young, lusty and insatiable beauties who gladly obey the uncle's dying request and show Johnny all there is to know about around-the-clock lovemaking and more! But as Johnny's triumphs and pleasures mount from girls one through six, he discovers that his seventh and final conquest - the most luscious vixen of all - may be a little harder to achieve. Will Johnny fulfill his uncle's wish and secure untold financial and sexual rewards beyond his wildest dreams? Or will his bedcount fall one short?

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Review :

Soft X drama.

Young man's Uncle dies in a car accident because he was having sex while driving. He leaves said nephew a fortune...provided he beds 7 selected women in 7 days. The catch? Young lad is a virgin.

The actor playing the lead ran the gamut of emotions. Confused and shy in the beginning, then starting to like it, then romantic. He even chewed out his fantasy girlfriend when he found out she was one of his uncle's concubines.

Best scenes include a romp in a closed furniture store at night, only to have to deal with a drunk watchman, and the outdoor scene with the peeping construction workers. The baseball jokes were groaners too.

This is soft x. Frontal nudity and no money shots.

The ladies looked good. They weren't surgically fixed so that was refreshing. Some of the set-ups were a bit hammy but otherwise this is a decent erotic outing.